How the barter exchange help you Save Cash and Increase Profits?

  • Conserve cash

By accessing a wide range of business related products and services through trade, cash expenses can be effectively reduced and cash flow can be better protected. The Commerce Exchange members offer a wide range of relevant and essential business items including advertising, employee benefits, security systems, accounting services, graphic design and printing.

  • Utilize excess capacity

Barter is an effective means to move surplus inventory at full value. Whether it’s empty restaurant seats, idle time for a tradesperson, or slow moving retail goods, barter increases your opportunity to generate additional cash flow.

  • Purchase goods at your marginal cost

Because your fixed or overhead costs exist, regardless of whether you generate additional sales through The Commerce Exchange, any trade dollars earned from this new form of business are done at your marginal cost. Consequently, when you use trade dollars to purchase products and services from other members you are buying at your marginal cost.

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