A new source of financing

All trade exchange members can access an immediate line of credit based on their agreement to provide their product or service to members in the future. Larger barter “loans” can also be negotiated for major purchases such as expansions, media campaigns, etc.

No receivables

All transactions over $50 require authorization to confirm that the buyer has sufficient credit. The trade dollars are transferred immediately from the buyer to the seller by BarterNet, so there are no accounts receivable for you to chase.

Partnering & Networking

The trade exchange marketplace offers a unique opportunity for businesses to “partner” in advertising and promotional campaigns. Shared ads, purchased on trade and taking advantage of volume buys, are an extremely cost effective method of increasing exposure. The trade exchange, with its sales, brokering, administrative and creative staff can also become a valuable resource for members wishing to design and launch a particular promotion

Members are encouraged to network and interact with the other businesses in the exchange at a variety of BarterNet functions. Open houses at a members place of business, seminar presentations, holiday functions and trade shows are some of the activities that facilitate networking and cooperation.