• Attract New Customers
  • Increase Revenue
  • Conserve Cash
  • Improve Purchasing Power
  • Access New Markets

Any company with the intention and capacity to grow and take on more business while reducing their cash outlay. This can be idle time, empty space or surplus inventory. We service most industries excluding banking and insurance.

When you use trade dollars for products and services that you normally spend cash on, the cash stays in your business. Available cash is an asset in any business!

We have a long list of members from which you can purchase. Every month we add more members. Our members offer a wide range of relevant and essential business items including advertising, employee benefits, security systems, accounting services, graphic design, printing and more.

No. One advantage of the barter exchange is that it allows members to use trade dollars with any of the other members in the exchange. This gives you the opportunity to get what you need and to shop competitively. We encourage members to look for the best value the same as when they pay cash.

Charge the same prices as you would for a regular Canadian Dollar client. Note: there are no sales or discounts on trade. Trade sales charge full retail pricing.

No. Inflating the sale price of products and services on trade is against the rules. Members are required to trade their products or services at “the advertised or prevailing rate”. If job quotes are used, we encourage our members to obtain various quotes to price compare. Members caught inflating their prices are suspended from trading. If a member does not abide by the “Membership Contract” or “Trade Rules”, their membership is subject to termination.

Generally “No”. All trades are suggested be 100% on Trade Dollars. There are some exceptions: transactions that exceed $1,000.00 may charge part cash (with advance approval from The Commerce Exchange). A member may also collect cash for tips, or, charge in cash for disbursement fees (if these are typically charged separately).

Your client stays a regular Canadian Dollar client. It is counterproductive to turn your cash paying customers into trade customers. TCEX is about finding you new business, not turning existing business into trade business.

Please see our Pricing page.

TCEX can issue loans similar to a bank, but in barter dollars. Credit is issued by the barter exchange based on a member’s ability to repay a loan within a designated time period. Issued loans are typically for specific purchases. As a general rule, we do not offer loans or lines of credit to new members.

Yes, you can sell used products on trade. These item(s) should be specified as used, and should be in good condition and priced at fair market value.

If you have a problem with another member, please notify your Broker immediately. Although we are not responsible for resolving disputes between members, we will, in most cases, try to help rectify the situation

Yes, membership in TCEX may be cancelled at any time. We do, however, demand that such requests be put in writing with plenty of advance notice. Exiting members must have a positive or zero account balance prior to cancelling. All outstanding fees (including future fees on existing trade balance) must be paid in advance. If there are transactions pending, these transactions must be completed before cancellation is final.

Barter dollar sales are taxed the same as a regular Canadian dollar sale. You buy a 200 Barter Dollar product on trade, you need pay $24 in cash for GST and PST. You cannot pay your taxes with barter dollars.

Your business is responsible for reporting all barter trade sales to CRA.

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