What is a Barter Exchange?

A Barter Exchange is a network of businesses that optimize their productivity and profits by leveraging their surplus capacity against their expenses at prevailing market rates. Member companies access a marketplace of products and services and directory of companies with an interest in barter or, in a larger purchase, a partial barter transaction.

In this highly competitive business world, The Commerce Exchange can provide:

  • More Customers
  • Higher Revenues
  • Improved Purchasing Power
  • The Ability to Conserve Your Cash
  • Greater Exposure

Did you know that you can pay for many of your day-to-day and planned expenses with your products and services at your listed prices?

If you spend $1000 on advertising or renovations through The Commerce Exchange (TCEX), you are guaranteed to earn $1000 in new business. Yes! Guaranteed!

Why send that $1000 cash out the door to never see it again when you can leverage your purchases into new customers instead?

Not only are you helping yourself, you’re helping to stimulate and grow your local economy and networking with other business owners just like you.

Let us show you how it will work for your business!

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